Orthofix Cervical-Stim


Cervical-Stim​​​ is the only osteogenesis stimulator approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)​ as a noninvasive, adjunctive treatment option for cervical fusion. The device uses pulsed electromagnetic f​ield (PEMF) technology to increase fusion success in patients at high risk for non-​fusion. With an overall clinical success rate of ​84 percent, Cervical-Stim increases fusion success significantly​ by 22 percent​ when used adjunctively to surgery


  • The only osteogenesis stimulator approved by the FDA for use in cervical fusion
  • Delivers broad PEMF​​ treatment coverage for multilevel fusions
  • Works effectively when worn over clot​hing or bracing
  • Lightweight, all-in-one unit with no cords allows unrestricted patient mobility during treatment​
  • Built-in daily​ monitoring software to track patient compliance
  • Money back guarantee​ that enables insurers to cover with confidence


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