Dare Consulting

A Medical Consulting Team You Can Rely On

Our Mission

At Dare Consulting Group, we are dedicated to differentiating ourselves in an industry that prizes profit over patient safety and satisfaction. We will offer an alternative to overpriced medical products while still maintaining the highest quality products on the market. We will respect the diverse patient population we serve and treat them with kindness, empathy, and integrity.

We will focus on the growth and substance of the company over the profit. We will strive to make a profit but never at the expense of quality. We will remain true to the integrity of our products, our people, and the services offered. When the patients are the priority, profit will be the consequence.

Our Vision

We aim to set a new standard for the industry of medical equipment providers by emphasizing patient care, patient safety, and customer satisfaction. We will be the company that sets the bar for how to treat patients and succeed financially with integrity.

What We Present to Our Prospects

Our team offers a well-rounded service not just for the starting process but also for everyday business management and future growth opportunities. We also provide consultation for starting DME business for new practices as well as for increasing patient outcomes by supplying DME products.

The Dare Consulting Group Difference

There are many consulting businesses, but only few customize services for clients.
Work with us so we can do various tasks for you such as:

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  • Provide Help With Startup and Accreditation for DME Services, Including:
  • Accreditation Application Completed and Submitted
  • Medicare Provider Application Completed and Submitted
  • Accrediting Body Site Visit Oversight
  • Setup of Acceptance for Health Insurances
  • Policy and Procedure Training for Employees Prior to Implementation
  • Create and Customize Policies and Procedures for DME Service
  • Inventory Setup and Management Services
  • Billing Services and Setup of Billing for Client to Assume Billing
  • Continuing Staff Education on Products and Patient Care

Our Services

At Dare Consulting Group, we provide solutions beyond the traditional consulting services, including:

  • Marketing and Promotion Plan for DME and Retail Products
  • Contracted Employees for Fitters and Billing Specialists
  • Customized Package for Drop Shipping and Patient Remote Education
  • On-Call Consultation Packages for Client Billing Employees
  • Quarterly and Yearly Employee Training to Meet Corporate Compliance
  • Assessments and Action Plans to Simplify DME Process
  • Ongoing Review of Revenue Streams to Increase Products for Patients
  • Packages for Warranty and Repair Services for DME Products

Reach Out

Our constant focus is to provide services that will increase patient care before revenue. For more information, contact us today.

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